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How do online exams work?

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Are you feeling stressed by online exams? Looking for tips on how to make it easier? Are you unsure what an online exam is and how they work?
Online exams are replacing the traditional in-person exams as university adjusts to the pandemic. Online exams can seem more stressful because you have to rely on technology and must sit the exam from your home. However, if prepared properly they can be more straightforward and can provide a more calm environment than regular exams.
What is an online exam?
Online examinations are online tests that are taken by candidates to assess their knowledge on a particular topic. Candidates can do this by taking an online exam platform.
Most online exams include answer processing modules that allow the marker to issue grades and results within minutes of the candidates passing the test. The fully automated exam system allows the examiners to present final results much faster and in a more efficient way.
Online examinations require candidates to complete the questions within a set time frame. Once the online exam is over, the test window closes and institutions get real-time reports. If the online exam is multiple-choice, the markers assess the answers first and then grade them accordingly.
Online examinations that have long-answer questions are graded by the markers. The final grades and results of online exams are then compiled and sent to candidates via e-mail, or directly on the website of the institution where they were taken.
What is the process of taking online exams?
Online exams are set up by the examiners and uploaded onto the specific online site where the exam will be taking place.
This platform also allows candidates to upload bulk information, select time slots and send the link to the candidates via follow-up emails.
It may differ depending on which institution is taking the online exams. Candidates will need to use this link to log in and then go through three-step authentication to be able to take the exam online.
Online exams can usually be recorded and heavily supervised by an artificial intelligence-based or traditional human invigilator for important final year examinations.
Once candidates have submitted their answers online, the exam results are automatically evaluated to produce a real-time report. Candidates can customize the final grades and results to share in HTML or PDF formats. The examiners may then conduct a detailed group analysis of the online exams. This can then be customized to suit their needs.
How can you prepare for online exams?
  • Be sure to review the guidelines for taking an online exam

It is essential that you fully comprehend the guidelines before taking an online exam. You should know the exact time and date of the online exam.
You should also be aware of the time and location you will be taking the online exam. You can do this at your own home or in a particular location such as a campus computer laboratory. Also, pay attention to any additional information the examiner may give you about a specific online exam's structure.
Are you putting off revising for your exam? Here are our top tips to help you stop procrastinating, and get more done with your tasks.
  • Learn the format of the exam paper

Make sure you know the format of the online exam. This includes the type of questions that the examiner uses, such as multiple-choice, fill in, short answer, and/or essay questions, or a combination.
Make sure to take the practice exam provided by the examiner and practice it for the actual online exam.
  • Double-check your technology

No matter where you are taking your online exam, at home or in a computer lab, it is important to check the status of your computer/laptop before you start the exam. This will help you avoid unexpected last-minute problems.
You should ensure you have the right software and hardware. Also, make sure the internet connection (or Wi-Fi) where you take the online exam works fast enough without any stuttering, sudden interruptions, or other problems.
It is important to study the material given to you by the examiners in the classroom lectures. It is important to review the material, even if you are taking an online exam.
  • Online papers

Make sure you have a plan for your time when preparing for the online exam. Practice your timing skills by taking a practice online exam. Limit the time you spend on the actual exam.
This will help you determine how much time each question will take. For example, if you have an online exam that lasts one hour and contains sixty questions, you should spend no more than a minute on each question.
You may, however, be permitted to skip difficult questions depending on which institutions you are studying at. This will allow you to save precious time and avoid missing the more difficult questions.
We've compiled a list of the top 7 apps that can help you revise and practice questions during exams.
  • Choose the right setting for your exam

It is important to take the online exam in a private area of your house, such as your bedroom or study. You should turn off or set the volume down on any notifications that come from your mobile device, such as your tablet or mobile phone, and also switch off the TV and radio completely.
Tell your flatmates, roommates, and/or relatives that you are taking an online exam. It is important that they don't distract you from the exam.
You can decide when it's best to take the online exam, depending on the date and time. The online exam may require you to take it at a certain time. However, if you can complete it within a short time (e.g., for several hours or for a few days), then choose a time that allows for minimal distractions, interruptions, and stress.
Exams can cause a lot of stress and worry. It's important that you take the time to relax and look after your mental health. Check out our blog to learn more about how you can look after your mental health while at university.
  • Before the exam, gather all the necessary material

Before you take the online exam, be organized. Make sure you have all of the required materials, such as books, notes and/or key information, with you.
You should also ensure you are well-nourished for exam day by eating healthy foods. Check out our blog to find out the best brain foods for students.
When you log in to the online exam, make sure you are calm, focused, and ready to finish it in the time allowed.
Although online exams may seem intimidating at first, they can be much easier to manage if you prepare in the right way.
To calm your nerves and prepare for the university exam, you can use our exam tips.
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